spa day

Many of you have been asking for an Earth to Body Spa Day… So here it is. Enjoy!

Did you know that relaxation is imperative for your body to heal? When you think positive thoughts, hormones are released into your body creating a relaxation that not only feels good, but triggers a self-healing mechanism. Damage is actually repaired in this state. Yes, even illness and disease can be healed by a healthy diet, positive thinking and relaxation. So treat yourself kindly. Relax and enjoy a stress-free day… or at least an hour!

1 Start by turning off your various phones, locking your door and making sure no one will disturb you. This is your day (or hour) so give yourself some peace and quiet.

2 Write a list of anything that is on your mind. You can make a to-do list or journal your thoughts. And then set it aside. Begin to clear your mind. No matter what feels imperative, it can wait until after your relaxation is over.

3 Dim the lights, light some candles and perhaps turn on some soothing music.

4 Draw a bath. If you don’t have a bath, borrow one, or take a shower instead, and soak your feet in a basin.

5 While the bath is filling, prepare your facial mask.

Soap: Wash your face with any of our soaps (yes, it could be the shampoo bar). Favourites for the face are the emu neem or the argan tamanu. If you use the Nori Neem, be gentle and do not rub, as it contains pumice.

Mix a small amount of the clay and a liquid (water is fine) in a glass or pottery dish until you have a mud like consistency.

Gently apply to the face, avoiding the eye area. It will dry after several minutes. When dry, the skin will feel tight.

(If it is your first facial and your skin is sensitive, do not leave on more than a few minutes as your skin is not used to this deep cleanse.)

6 Add 2 tbsp. of Dead Sea Salt Spa to the bath water, or apply it directly to skin. I like to rub it all over my body and then, once in the tub, rub it on my feet as well.

Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes.

Deep breathing is a good way to feel into your body and release tension. Inhale deeply; exhale with a loud sign. Do this exercise three times (or more). With every exhale, feel your body relaxing. Notice areas of your body that feel tense. Breathe into those areas and feel the tension dissipate with every exhale.

7 When bathing is complete and you are dry, massage Spoil Me Body Oil (or the body wax from a soy candle) all over your body in circular motions towards your heart, focusing on the areas that have the most tension.

I like to start with my feet and work my way up to my face, focusing on my calves, my stomach (great for digestion) and my traps, as this where all my tension likes to hide out. I use my fingers, my knuckles and my fists. If you find it difficult to self-massage and have no volunteers nearby, here are some websites.

Save Youself

Massage Yourself

The Art of Self-Massage

8 Relax! Rest, read, do whatever nourishes your soul. And remember… positive thinking and relaxation HEAL the body. Our bodies naturally strive to return to homeostasis (balance). All we need to do is give them a chance!! So RELAX.

Love yourself. You deserve it!