19 Jan 2022

Jan 20th ONLY we are including a FREE Alpaca on Charcoal soap

in all orders over $60.00 (before taxes and discounts)

What a delightful idea...

Imagine our most popular Charcoal Clay soap coated in pure Alpaca.

On its own, our charcoal soap is a dream. 
Under a sensuous layer of pure alpaca, it soars..

Our new Alpaca on Charcoal is not offered for sale. Yet.

A little smaller than the Charcoal soap, and wearing a coat of alpaca,
the Alpaca on Charcoal fits nicely in the palm of the hand, ready to make you shine.

Charcoal and clay are astounding at cleansing and maintaining healthy skin. 
The soap’s unique tulsi addition take it from ordinary to unsurpassed.

The natural Alpaca yarn, warm, soft and silky, is the pièce de resistance in this new treasure.

It is not to replace our regular charcoal soap. 
The alpaca addition takes the soap to another level and purpose.

We want YOU to be the first to experience this exfoliating wonder.

Try it. Love it. Tell us.

We are offering Alpaca on Charcoal FREE for all orders over $60.00