Earth to Body Products and Packaging.

Our Product

Earth to Body product recipes are originally developed with skin nutrition as the primary goal. We make all recipes from scratch and never use the chemically-based cosmetic bases readily available.

We love Canada’s diverse population and enjoy using both Canadian and other world products. (See map)

Earth to Body’s product line is a combination of natural products for normal skin health, skin problems and preventive maintenance. We include face, body, hair and bath.

We indicate VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE.

We do not use sulphates, parabens, or polysorbates. We do not use fragrances, perfumes, dyes or harsh preservatives.

Our bar soaps are cold-processed, and range from simple castile to exotically nutritious.

We sell selected pure carrier oils so you can experience their beauty and know exactly what we are using in our product recipes.

Earth to Body products therefore have a shelf life, and for best performance are (they should preferably be ) kept cool.

Our products range from 100% natural and organic to our few creams and lotion that are over 93% natural (See explanation)*.

* Creams and lotions (containing oils and water) require an emulsifier to prevent separation. Our creams and lotions are over 95% natural. We use cocoa palm and lanette wax (NO sodium lauryl sulphate) that are processed emulsifiers. 

(True creams cannot be 100% natural as they require an emulsifier. Some creams are called creams and contain only beeswax and no water. They can be lovely but need no emulsifier. They are more like a salve. If the recipe has both oils and water, as in a true cream or lotion, then an emulsifier such as lanette wax or cocoa palm is required.)

Our packaging

We use glass containers as often as possible. The weight and breakability is an issue, as we travel across the country with our product.

All products other than those discussed below are stored in glass.

When plastic is necessary we use food grade HDPE number 2 <2> HDPE (high density polyethylene) such as the sturdy, rigid plastic found in reusable food storage containers, milk and detergent bottles. It is generally safe, and generally recycled.

Our lotion and toner are stored in this HDPE container.

Or we use a double walled plastic body cream/butter jar. While the outside wall is number 7 <7> Other; most often refers to PC (polycarbonate) This plastic is most commonly used for baby bottles, five-gallon water jugs, and reusable sports water bottles. It can leach out the hormone-disruptor bisphenol A, especially when heated. Because this group can include various other plastics, it has limited recycling potential.

The inside wall is number 5 and this is the preferred plastic 5> PPE, aka PP (polypropylene). This is a pliable plastic found in squeeze bottles, reusable food containers, and yogurt and margarine tubs. It is generally safe and generally recycled. Information site.

This is how the double walled jars are made. It is the double walled jar rather than the single walled jar that we choose as the safe alternative.

Our Skin Care Moisturizer, Argan Moisturizer, X-cream, Sheamu and Shargan Butters are in the double walled container

Our wrapping tissues and paper bags are made of partly recycled paper.