(Earth to Body Argan Oil is cold pressed and does not go through the culinary 'roasting' process.)

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  1. The Argan fruit are mature around the month of June, and they are dried.
  2. Dried flesh is removed using a machine.
  3. The resulting nuts are manually crushed between two stones by women in order to obtain an intact almond.
  4. These almonds are then slightly roasted for culinary oil only (Arganati)
    • Temperature: 100°C for roasting machine
    • 30 kg of almonds need 2 hours to roast
    • Although raw material is heated through a roasting and extraction process, the peroxide values are definitely under international norms, as mentioned in the enclosed chemical specifications.
  5. The almonds are then pressed through a special oil press to produce argan oil (the equipment is manufactured in Germany).
    • Argan oil is a kernel of argan seeds, without any additives.
    • It is a 100% pure natural product.
  6. The oil is then decanted into a bottle and finally filtered in a special oil filter.

NB : Argan oil uses only the kernels of the Argan seeds. The oil contains no additives. All our products are certified by ECOCERT as organic.