01 Mar 2021



A favourite soap Castile Moringa is on special offer today
Flash Sale 
Saturday March 6th All Day 
Buy One. Get ONE free.

Moringa is a ‘crazy growing tree’. It is a superfood, loaded with nutrients (over 92 to be exact): vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 
It is said that there is no plant like moringa in the entire planet.
Imagine this superfood in a soap to nourish the skin.

Our moringa castile has ‘little’ that does ‘a lot’: moringa, coconut and olive.
It is a cleanser that preforms miracles on all skin types, from baby to senior.  No scent. Purely sensual.

Happy shopping. Buy one. Get one Free. All Day

(a 3 soap buy limit )

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When you buy a moringa soap, your packing slip will NOT show that you get a free one.  
That is our job.  Not to worry. We shall include it.