11 Jan 2024

Special is now over so the product is unavailable but stay tuned for upcoming discounts!


Spoil Yourself

One day only
Friday January 12th, 2024


An all in one 'Me Day' Pamper Package

Original shampoo/soap bar
Dead Sea Salt spa
ACV rinse
Facial toner
Moisturizing Lotion

ONLY $77.00
Value $96.00 @  20% savings


The Cleanse:      Original shampoo/soap bar 'head to toe’
The Relax:          Dead Sea Salt Soak (or shower exfoliation)
The Revival:        Restore skin to normal PH
The Freshening: A body and or face organic rosewater tone
The Finale:          An all over body lotion to moisturize 


The perfect start to a new year!