22 Apr 2022

We were incredibly saddened by the news of the recent sudden passing of Ian Coffin, the artist behind our beautiful soapstone soap dishes. Below is a blog post we wrote about him in 2017. Our thoughts and hearts go out to his family. May his art and his memory live on. 


Ian Coffin in an artist living in Windsor, Ontario. He sculpts in soapstone and wood and is mostly self taught. He has been sculpting for 15 years. To make his uniquely designed soap dishes, Ian hand cuts blocks of food grade Brazilian soapstone. The dishes are then shaped using a variety of carvers’ rasps and are wet sanded to a smooth finish. This is where the magic begins as the distinctive grain in the stone is finally revealed. Each soap dish is then coated with beeswax and hand-buffed for a soft, warm sheen.

We at Earth to Body are thrilled to have found the perfect soap dish to accent our natural soaps.  We love supporting Canadian vendors who are dedicated to handcrafting original designs. Thank you, Ian