12 Oct 2021

 X Marks the Spot

our most popular, best selling cream is our X Cream

Cooler days
 Autumn winds
The skin rebels

Our X cream is there to relieve the dryness, the rashes, the roughness
or simply, to make the skin ravishing

October 12 Tuesday all day

If you spend $100.00, or more (before taxes)  this fine autumn day, we will include a

FREE X CREAM (40 ml) 

On the face
On the hands 
On the feet
On the elbows
On the knees

On the torso

Whenever X marks the spot, our X Cream comes to the rescue

Free shipping over $100.00
Only $5.00 under $100.00


Your invoice will not indicate the free gift but we will automatically include your x cream
when you qualify

Thank you!