all natural skin care for winter elements cold

While surfing for winter tips, I found some interesting suggestions.  While I did not agree with everything said, (some of the recommended moisturizers would do just the opposite), I liked the main tip categories and decided to share some with you. When appropriate, I suggest some Earth to Body products to help.

1. Stay cozy but at a comfortable temperature:  Too warm a room will dry you out.  Our soy candles can help provide a calming Zen atmosphere but moisturize at the same time.   Don’t hesitate to use a humidifier if you have one.  Or take a nice Dead Sea Salt spa bath!

2. Sunscreen in winter: We always believe in protecting our skin from the weather elements.  But it is how you protect that is important.  Most sunscreens contain far too many chemicals.  Check out Dr. Suzuki’s on how to choose a safe sunscreen.   If you have never tried our Zinc Oxide blend, do so.  It is perfect against the Canadian snow glare.   If you are one of the fortunate heading south to warmer climates do not forget your zinc, a butter and/or a good oil to keep the skin protected and healthy

3. Lend your hands a helping hand:  Our poor thin skinned over -used abused hands. They are especially vulnerable in winter. Unfortunately, everywhere we turn we are bombarded with chemical hand care solutions.  Public washrooms do not offer healthy soaps.  The sanitizers proffered at store entrances, banks, clinics are so full of alcohol our hands crack just looking at them.  Most creams and lotions sold are loaded with formaldehyde and alcohol so we are constantly creaming ourselves, only to be dry. 

Our AP sanitizer fits nicely in a bag or purse.  You can always carry your own soap or salt stone.  Our Moisturizing Lotion can moisturize all over, any time and has none of the dangers lurking out there.

4. Butter your body:  A healthy winter wise suggestion.  Hydrate your body with our butters,  (Sheamu and Shargan), with our oils.   ( Emu, Argan, Spoil Me).  As often as needed.

5. Be cool in the shower:  It is not the first time we purport cool showers as being healthy. See Contrast Showering. Remember that you have control over the water temperature.  Take your bath or shower as desired. Then slowly turn the shower spray or bath tap to cool.   Your body adjusts to the cool water and suddenly comes alive.  It feels great and you have closed your pores against the colds and flu out there.Assuming you used a good healthy soap for cleansing, you are wise to replenish your skin with a moisturizer.  

 You are now set to go, wiser for winter.


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