Challenge your senses!

This is for the strong at heart... a bit of a challenge to try this in our Canadian winter weather...but just the time the warm weather rolls around, you’ll be an expert! 

• Contrast showering is a type of hydrotherapy and a wonderfully easy way for you to increase your energy and immunity. The Scandinavians often finish their traditional saunas with a quick plunge into a pool of cold water or a roll in the snow!

• It stimulates vitality and promotes detoxification by increasing circulation and thereby eliminating environmental chemicals that are stored in fat cells.
• As you initially rinse under the hot water, the blood in your body travels out from the internal organs and towards the skin. When you rinse yourself under the cold water, the blood is then transported deep into your internal organs in order to keep them warm. When you dry off with a towel, the blood will then travel from deep within your organs back toward the surface of the skin (a reddening of the skin may occur).

• After your normal hot shower, gradually reduce the water temperature until it is pleasantly cool and rinse for 1 minute. Rewarm your body again for 3-5 minutes and repeat with the cool rinse. You can repeat this up to 5 times but always remember to finish with cool water. The next time you shower, increase the degree of cold in your finishing rinse. The goal is to be able to turn the temperature down to the coldest setting for one minute. Don’t worry, you will still benefit if you only have time for one cycle.

When and Where
• In the convenience of your home and whenever you shower, morning or night.

Make this stimulating and detoxifying process complete by cleansing with one of Earth to Body’s nourishing, all natural soaps. We have one to fit all your health and beauty needs.

This therapy may be contraindicated in the following conditions.
Consult your doctor or naturopath if you have any questions or concerns.

• Vascular insufficiency or statsis (the extreme of ‘poor circulation’)
• Cardiac insufficiency (from heart disease, etc.)
• Some anemia or blood dyscrasias
• Pregnancy
• Certain kinds of chronic infections
• Malnutrition
• Some joint diseases
• Diabetes


You may feel like this the first time you try contrast showering,
but don’t worry, the shock will wear off!

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