The genome of a koala instructs it to eat eucalyptus. It tells the koala that these leaves, while toxic to most mammals, are not toxic to itself and yet will supply its nutritional needs, including its water supply. Koalas accomplish a leaf chew marathon for several hours a day before being sated.  Not only does the koala have the extra genes to access the eucalyptus’s nutrition, it can also detoxify the toxic foliage. This leaves the cuddlers without excess energy and they like to snuggle in sleep up to 22 hours a day. 

Koalas have a microbe that enables them to digest and benefit. They only recognize the leaves if they are attached to the tree though.  So, if you decide to feed a koala a bowl of eucalyptus leaves, don’t be surprised if the marsupial refuses the offer, looks at you funny and asks, “Where’s the tree? 

The art of ‘higher recognition’ is common to most mammals, but not the koala,’ thus he is known to have what is called a ‘smooth brain’. This 'smooth brained' cuddler is presented with many survival challenges. 

Humans cannot digest eucalyptus, but we do benefit greatly from the leaves and the oil. When applied topically, the anti-inflammatory antioxidant, antifungal and antiseptic properties have long been discovered in Indian, Greek and European medicine. 

Most of us are familiar with eucalyptus rubs for chest and throat to help clear the sinuses in cold and cough season. This sense-stimulating oil also helps to clarify the scalp, purify pores and aid in wound healing. 

Soothing Oil  
Argan Neem Foot Cream 
All Purpose Sanitizer

Our Soothing Oil is popular as an anti-inflammatory massage oil.  Along with MSM, emu, neem and peppermint the addition of the eucalyptus provides a soothing rub.

Feet are prone to many issues, as we all know.  The addition of eucalyptus to our Argan-Neem Foot Cream was a no brainer as the feet need to relax, repair and be soothed.

Long before Covid, we made an All Purpose Sanitizer based on our own Thieves Oil blend (eucalyptus, clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary ) along with our own special additions. As alcohol is aggravating to the skin, we purposely made it alcohol free, but Covid dictated that sanitizers should contain alcohol to be effective. We do use what is recommended when venturing out of lockdown, but we also use this skin friendly and very effective sanitizer. Our over-sanitized hands need a break now and then and using this sanitizer does help to undo the alcohol ravages on the skin. 

We also carry a 100% pure therapeutic Eucalyptus essential oil. Excellent in a bath or diffuser. As with most essential oils, caution is required when applied to the skin and it is usually best added to a carrier oil (such as shea, jojoba, argan emu, olive). You can then decide how, where and why you might use your essential oil blend. 

As we often associate eucalyptus with the koala, there a warm feeling attached to this exceptional oil. It comforts, relaxes and calms. Like a cuddle to the skin.