Calgary, AB

 I love the fresh smelling scent of the lemongrass, and so does my daughter. My husband prefers the Bergamot so we always order both. Thank you for making all natural deodorants that really do work.

Jun - Edmonton, AB

Unfortunately, this deodorant does not do the job - we are in winter, not in sweating season, yet all my clothes stink at the end of the day.

We regret that you did not like the anti-odour bar.  We will gladly refund you, Jun

When we offered Jun a refund, she opted for a store credit.

Sue from Edmonton AB

I have been using this product for a month now and I really like it. I have used Tom's before and it didn't work at all. I recommend this one.

Love the feedback. Thank you, Sue


I saw a YouTube review that mentioned a bergamot scent but I so not see it, is it available?

Unfortunately ,we no longer carry the bergamot.  Perhaps you might like to try the very popular lemongrass anti-odour bar.  It has always been a best seller.  Thank you for the inquiry, Piratehetty​



Cathi Krewicki

I have been using this bar for a few years now. I had tried other natural ones before and they just did not work. This one DOES and I love the scent!!

Time tested. Thank you, Cathi.