KC, Saskatoon, SK

There are many baby products on the market but I have yet to find one as natural as yours. Babies do not benefit from the chemically filled creams and lotions out there. The purity of these organic products is what appealed to me. I rest assured that my baby’s skin is healthy. Thank you for being so natural.

Newmarket, ON

I travel all over North America and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. I carry your lavender rose linen spray everywhere I go to keep my hotel room, and especially the sheets, clean and fresh!”

Charlottetown, PEI

Thank you for making this hydrosol. I have very delicate skin and I love the purity of the lavender rose spray. It keeps longer if I refrigerate it, and I love the cool feeling on my skin.”

Sudbury ON

Just tried this spray doing my laundry. Added a few drops into the softener dispenser and a few sprays into the dryer. It took away that stale smell of linens that sit too long in your closets.

A great idea! Thank you.

Nicole McPhail

I just bought this Linen Spray from the CNE in Toronto this afternoon and I am already obsessed with it. I originally bought it for my sister for her birthday but I am slowly debating if I should just keep it for myself. I might have to order a second one now for her. It has a great smell and it makes you feel very relaxed.

Sweet! I remember you, Nicole. Hard decisions:)
Thank you writing.

CNH Montreal,Qc.

I stop by your store a few times a year and always get great advice and service. I experimented with your Lavender Linen Spray and added 5 drops of your Lemongrass Essential Oil to the spray.We used it as a repellent while on Holidays..... Fabulous!

Thank you for the feedback, 'CNH'. So much better than using the chemicals.  Thank you for sharing with our customers.

Pointe-Claire, QC

I really enjoyed this spray. It smells very refreshing, like freshly cleaned linen! I bought this to help with odours (I have a kitty). It works beautifully with masking the odours and it is all natural so I don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals. So happy I discovered this product!

Thank you. It's gentle enough for our skin too.