Barb J, ON

My husband just loves the neem body bar. He uses it every day to moisturizes his face. I know that if he did not have this, he would not use any creme on his face, even though it gets very dry. He also found it to be the only thing (and we have tried a lot of things) that keeps his underarm rash away. Thanks for this amazing product. We also love it for its intended use, and use it for after bites as well, it is fantastic.

Hemmingford, QC

I love the Neembodybar on my skin. My daughter loved it while back packing in Costa Rica and my husband keeps it in his golf cart all summer.

Windsor, ON 

I love the Neembodybar in the summer time. It is better than Skin So Soft!  It also moisturizes and helps to keep my skin feeling soft and clear Windsor, ON 

Gloria & Bill

We first heard about The Neem tree from our friends in Barbados and the benefits of Neem Oil etc. - So when we saw this product at a Garden Show - we thought - let's give it a try!! It is awesome and REALLY works to prevent insect bites - don't go outside without it. It is not greasy - and has a nice smell to it. Many thanks for this product!

And we know you feel safe wearing it!  Thank you so much, Gloria and Bill

Chris, ON

 LOVE the neem body bar! I use it on myself as well as on horses to keep flies and mosquitos off, especially when riding. It's easy to put on their face and it works better than fly spray! I ordered more so I don't have to share the one with horse hair. Thanks for coming out with this product!!

Chris, you rock! Thanks and hugs to your horses too!