J. Smitty, ON

Your neem salve has changed my life. No more acne. No more breakouts. I love putting it on my face at night, as I always wake up glowing. I also LOVE the earthy smell!


Love the neem salve. My mother used to have problems with her feet (i.e., burning sensation, warts, etc.), and after a few applications, her problems went away. She tried everything and nothing worked the way this did. :)

Heather Richmond

So far best salve for my dry face

Tyr, Kingston Ontario

Wow, this is was recommeneded by a wonderful representative @ at a festival this summer. It was recommeneded to heal a wart or something that had been on my hand for a few years. After following the instructions given by the representative, it has now cleared! Many thanks!

We are pleased you like the neem, Tyr.  We love it too.


I bought this product last year at the CNE. I have some eczema on my hands I was getting to the point where I was going start using a steroid cream because I just couldn't find anything else that would work. I have tried all kinds of lotions and oils and it has been the only thing that really helps and fixes the problem areas.

Both our neem salve and our X cream are extremely popular for such issues.  Thank you for your kind testimonial, Jessica.

Michelle Pisoni

I have used up my emu oil and I have ordered more! It is so silky and soft. Your neem salve is also phenomenal...I used it on a second degree burn on my hand and it healed quickly with no scarring! I have also started to use it on my feet at night and it has helped reduce my Plantar Fasciitis pain. Your products are pretty amazing so I'm trying more and ordering some for my family too. Thank you!

Much appreciated, Michelle.


Using Neems salve. Our daughter purchased and sent to us. We love this skin salve and wish to purchase more.

Excellent.  Thank you for sharing.

Chris, ON

Works well on horses as well! I use it on wounds for both healing and for helping fur grow back. It keeps bugs off the wounds and with the oils, it stays on better than 'SWAT', while being natural and safe. Would highly recommend it.

At the Calgary Stampede many horse lovers discovered our neem salve.  Thank you for the reminder, Chris.

Sabrina Saer Blanco

This neem salve is a LIFE SAVER. I had the most annoying recurring rash under my nostrils that kept coming back EVERY.TIME. no matter how many natural alternatives I tried. Then, one magical day in Ottawa, at a craft show, I found Earth to Body's store, and I saw the neem salve. I had done some light research on the properties of neem and how it's antibacterial but I hadn't tried it. I purchased the neem salve from Earth to Body and man, what a freaking amazing product. It made the rash go away and IT HAS NOT COME BACK SINCE!!!! I obviously went crazy and started applying neem to my entire face.. it would get rid of my monthly hormonal acne breakouts (joys of being a woman), and then I started putting it in my hair. Basically neem is amazing and this salve rocks, I ran out so now I'm going to re-purchase. It lasts a long time as long as you keep it in the fridge!!!!

What a rocking' testimonial, Sabrina!

Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This salve is absolutely wonderful! Being on a farm, we wear work boots all year round, so our feet require a little extra care. This product trumps any foot powder or ointment as treatment and has been a great preventative measure. Plus I love the smell!

Today, more and more people do love the smell of neem.  Perhaps it is the earthiness. A 'go to' for the feet for sure.

Anonymous, DDO, Quebec

I want to share a testimonial about your neem salve product. I bought it years ago.
This summer I developed a patch of eczema on my wrist. I was putting cortisone that the doctor prescribed to me and it only make it more inflamed and irritated. I put that away and started using the neem balm. It cleared it up in a week.

A more recent and personal experience, my teenage son is having an infectious break out on his upper leg and the doctor prescribed antibiotic cream. No results from that. We tried nizorol as well. Nothing.
I’m putting the neem balm and it’s working. Thank you! This product is simply amazing! I’m glad you guys are still around! I’ll be spreading the word to many!

So glad you had good experiences with the miraculous neem.  We hear it all the time and so appreciate you taking the time to share.