Victoria, BC

I have been to Morocco. Argan oil is amazing. Thank you making my now favorite lip balm.”

Steph reddeer Alberta

Love it my fav lip balm just ran out so getting more love this company!

Sweet! Thank you, Steph!

Domenic M

Been a customer for 15 years now and can't say enough of their products. It's not enough to avoid foods and go on diets, what about from the outside in? The lip balm is the best on the market as well as all their products in each category. 

Domenic, thank you for such a glowing testimonial.  We truly appreciate your customer loyalty and taking the time to share.

Becky, Ottawa ON

My absolute FAVOURITE lip balm! I've tried many, many lips balms over the years and this is by far the best. Nothing compares! I even use a small dab on areas of my face that need moisturizing throughout the day. Amazing product.

Sweet! Thank you, Becky.

Carol, Courtenay BC

I have been using the argan oil and emu oil lip balm years. Am now dealing with skin cancer on my lips and am wondering if your lip balms have any SPF in them? Which one would be best for me?

Hi Carol. All oils have natural SPF, emu being higher than argan. You might like to try some tamanu as well.  We do not have it in a lip balm, but we do have the pure oil or in a cream which you could apply as well as the emu balm. For a block, you could apply the zinc blend.  Thanks for writing and the best in your recovery.

Donna, Toronto, ON

Love the lip balm, these are the best ones I’ve used for years.

Thank you, Donna


Awesome! just awesome! 

Thank you!