Luisa F., Calgary, AB.

I purchased the emu neem soap to help with eczema and you wouldn't believe but my skin feels like butter... soo moist and soft! my knuckles rarely bleed because my hands are moist and replenished. My chicken skin is pretty much gone after one week of using your product. This soap is unbelievable!!.

Finnegan's market, Hudson, Quebec

I'm back for more soap! I bought one of your emu-neem soap bars and I love it. I'm not sure if it is the emu or the neem or the avocado, but the blend works for me. My problem skin loves it.

Burnaby, BC

This is the most pampering of all soaps I've tried. I don’t really have major skin problems but I love the way it makes my skin feel. But my son has eczema and my soap keeps disappearing! 

Brighton, ON

I love this soap! It is a miracle. I have acne prone skin and this soap cleans and refreshes my skin like no other soap I have ever tried.”

P.R., Sudbury, ON

I have not used soap on my face in over 20 years! This is a REAL soap and I did not realize what I was missing. I am allergic to fragrances and I love the earthy smell of your soap. My skin has never been this lovely. Keep up the good work!”  

P.R., Sudbury, ON

I was wondering when you were coming back to Sudbury, Ontario. A few months ago you were at our local craft show and I bought your emu-neem soap…it is amazing. My face has NEVER felt so clean and healthy.”

Arthur Medina, Calgary

As an old rule in chemistry says: "The same, dissolves the same". There is something about animal fats, that plant-based oils cannot do. This product is what anyone with an oily face has to buy. It will make you feel really clean and free.

A profound observation. Thank you, Arthur. Emu oil is unsurpassed.

Crystal Sullivan AJAX

I ended up walking past this vendor at "The EX" Was looking for information on essential oils and then was educated but the very sweet lady who spent so much time with me. It was appreciated more then she probably knows. I didn't end up buying essential oils but I did buy this soap and the shampoo bar both of which I am already in Love with. Next order is coming for the Apple cider rinse and so many more. I think I am in Trouble now :P
Thank you for making such great, Natural products. My skin just feels amazing.
Kind regards,

I remember you, Crystal.  Thank you so much!

Lesley Toronto

I will NEVER buy another mass produced bar of soap ever again! This product is beyond amazing. You wash & your skin feels moist, supple & rejuvenated.
I normally purchase high cost face pump products used for sensitive face skin. This product replaces those expensive lines. I just love how easy it is to use & how incredibly well it works. I resisted using bar soaps on my face. Not anymore. LOVE this product!

There is unfortunately a campaign vs bar soaps. But as you have discovered, a homemade REAL bar soap (not a detergent one) can be amazing.  Thank you, Lesley.

Jodi, Muskoka, ON

"My new recent addiction is your lovely Emu Neem Soap and soap dish. It has completely replaced my regular bar of soap and the dish is perfect for a softer soap. My skin is always lovely and nourished even if I don't have time to pamper my skin after my shower."

Cleaning the old fashioned way: soap on a dish.  We love it too, Jodi. Thank you.

Joline Haché, Ottawa

I have been battling adult acne for year and nothing was working for me, even expensive products made specifically for acne. I’m amazed at how well this inexpensive bar of soap healed my skin! Thank you for making a product that works and doesn't cost half my paycheck. You just made a lifelong customer out of me :)

So, so glad you like the emu neem soap, Joline. Thank you. Don't hesitate to call or write for other product suggestions.

LC, Dartmouth NS

Emu Neem soap is the only soap I have ever been able to use on my face and it took until my mid-40s before I discovered the soap - and the Skin Manager oil. Until that time, I could never use soap or moisturizer on my face: soap would make my skin red and inflamed and moisturizer would cause acne.

Thank you, Leona. Most commercial soaps are detergent based and can cause the irritations you describe.  We are happy you have discovered a home made soap, especially one that contains emu and neem. 

Pointe-Claire, QC

I love love love this soap for my face! The light exfoliation was lovely and made my face feel extra clean. Definately will buy again!

The emu and neem combo is a unique blend. Thank you for loving it!