Lavender is powerful. Lavender is renowned around the world. 

Lavender is rich in its aromatherapy. These aromatic molecules called esters pacify and calm. I remember a screaming baby on an airplane was immediately calmed when her mother produced a small hanky in which she dabbed a few drops of lavender essential oil. Baby slept.

Lavender has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. It is often added to natural cleaning products like soaps for the body and for the home.

As a cosmetic company we can tell you how wonderful it is in skin care. It  has a sweet, crisp scent. Powerful, yet mild, it can be also used directly on the skin.

It tones, hydrates and freshens skin after cleansing, shaving or anytime. Lavender is beneficial for all skin types, particularly oily and/or blemished, sensitive skin.

We add lavender to several of our products. Some soaps, balms, deodorants and more. 

We add it because it is more than just pretty.


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