Maureen and Barbara of 


 "We have been sewing together for almost 15 years . We started making a few models of tote bags and small purses with upholstery fabrics and selling them to friends and family. We now offer over 25 different models of bags from change purses to duffel bags and use a wide range of fabrics including recycled jeans, tapestries, and faux suede. Our "rainbow collection" of waterproof ponchos are very popular and we can boast that they have travelled all over the world with our customers.

We sell through the "artisan" market and it was through this venue that we met John and Martha. Over the last 10 years we four have enjoyed many evenings sharing food, wine, laughter and singing around the campfire, after a hard day selling our products."

 Maureen - 450-458-7474,

Barbara 450-458-1344


Eklektika is currently working on a website. In the meantime, please feel free to contact them, either by phone or email