We are proud to serve the male population with natural options for hair and skin care! While men don't typically use as many products as women, they are still at risk of harmful chemical exposure on a daily basis in their soaps, shampoos, hair gels, colognes, shaving creams, moisturizers, oral care, etc... Luckily, there are 100% natural alternatives out there, it's just a matter of convincing them.

As hard as I try to get my husband to switch over to a completely toxic free health regime, it's a slow process. He is open to many of Earth to Body products, but there are a few bad habits he has a hard time breaking. I cannot for the life me, get him to use the Tooth Cleanser instead of chemical foaming (unnecessary for cleaning teeth by the way!) toothpaste. He is addicted to the "fresh and clean" feel of typical toothpastes with fake flavours and toxic ingredients. I say GROSS... but that's all I can do. 

The other item up for discussion is his shaving cream. The shampoo bar lathers beautifully, why can't he use that, so many men do? We cannot force other's out of ingrained habits, so we must let some things go. Other than his teeth and shaving fetishes, he's pretty green, so I don't complain. He loves the Sheamu to style his hair. That's one product he cannot go without.

While we cannot force others to adhere to a safer lifestyle than the one we have been conditioned to living, we can try our best to educate, encourage and show by example. Here are the products we recommend for men, most of which my husband has converted to... the others? Well, I keep trying.

To the natural men out there, thanks for loving us. To the women who keep trying to convert your man from noxious to natural? Good luck!!

AKA Beard oil for men. Delicious. Nutritious, soft and silky!

Men love our tooth cleanser and mouth wash, to whiten, freshen and nourish teeth and gums.

One of our best sellers, this cream is epic on dry, cracked, nothing-else-will-work skin.

Wash body and hair in one go? This is our top seller for men. Easy, simple, clean.

We won't get into the deodorant controversy. Smelling "chemically fragrant" is never worth the risk. Our Deo bar is lemongrass and magnificent. Men love us. 

Neem is known for warts, fungus, anything and anything questionable.  Ask one who wears work boots all day and see the smile at the mention of our neem slave.

Moisturizer, anti-bacterial, lather emu all-over-anywhere-anytime oil. Gotta love unrefined and unsurpassed.