This was our first and most successful visit to the Filberg Festival. (Comox, Vancouver Island) Thank you Vancouver Islanders. We loved our booth in the woods and who could not love you?

At this fabulous festival I heard a ‘first account’ tamanu story. Since the oil itself is fairly new to Canada, we are all still learning about its miraculous properties. I have read and studied about this special nut oil, been delighted to sponsor our Tamanu Trivia Contest and have heard success stories from our customers on facebook , twitter and email. But I still love to hear stories from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

A young man was quite excited to see our tamana oil sign at Filberg, as he had visited Tahiti and seen tamanu in action.

He said, “Doctors in Tahiti treat patients in their hospitals with tamanu oil. It heals everything. I remembered this when I returned to Canada and had a terrible snowboarding accident. I skidded my hand along the ground to break a fall, and accidently hit buried barbwire, tearing my thumbnail to shreds. Three weeks of treating it with tamanu oil and not a trace of the injury.” (He proudly fanned his perfect thumb in the air)

Since we first started selling tamanu last April, I have been roller balling the oil on my face and absolutely loving it. But I had not had the need to use it for any other purpose, until the other evening. I slit my finger while trying to scissor open a package of Oka cheese too quickly. (It is difficult to be patient around Oka cheese.) I decided to treat the wound with the pure tamanu oil. My finger is most impressed!

Please do continue to share your stories with us.




I had a similar experience last year with a cracked heal. In this instance I used the neem salve as directed by one of your staff at the One of a Kind in Toronto. It worked beautifully. I am not looking forward to any injury, however, I am looking forward to using the Tamanu 'head to toe' once my order arrives.

Thank you for all your efforts to offer the best of what is 'out there' in the global realm.

I bought your tamanu face cream at a local fair and love it. My skin is soft, my acne breakouts stopped, and my wrinkles are non-existant. I will continue to use this as my face cream from now on. It's amazing!