Emergency wards are overflowing. Stomachs are churning and red noses are raw.
Moaning and groaning is commonplace as the flu season strikes its homeruns.

Here are a few helpful hints to ward of its blast attack.

Suck on zinc lozenges.

Spray with Silver…the eyes, nose, mouth and hands. It kills viruses.

Chomp on a fresh garlic. Unless of course they are hidden in a snow bed, in which case, take the enteric-coated garlic pills.

Drink lots of green tea. Decaffeinated is probably best so that at least you will sleep well, in the dark of course. 
(If you want a real eye opener of a book on sleeping in the dark, see T.S. Wileys 'Lights Out' )

Hang out under an orange tree and enjoy its succulent nectars. Or, if  Fir trees are the only option, load up on the Vitamin C the Canadian way. Fresh oranges from the health store, vitamin C powder in a smoothie)

We wish you well. But if you do succumb, rest in bed and drink plenty of water!

How about sharing your flu and cold remedies with us?

Some good websites for your persual include How to Fight the Flu and Natural Flu Control