Falling off his skateboard was not a fun ride, nor was limping the block home. Jas didn’t cry on the way back, but when he saw his mom, the tears flowed. She hugged him, propped up his ankle and iced it well. He then watched her prepare a castor oil pack. She poured the oil into a Pyrex container for later storage and worked a flannel cloth into the oil until soaked. Jas relaxed against the couch arm to play Minecraft, as he knew he would be laid out for at least a half hour. 

Jas carefully wrapped the warm castor oil pack around his swollen ankle. It was not the first time his mom had sought the aid of ice and  castor oil.  Not with his active family.

I first read about the miracle of castor oil when reading a book by the famed clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Castor oil has been used as a healing agent since ancient times to improve many health issues, and castor oil packs applied to the skin have proven to be a miraculous therapy. In Jas’s case, it was being used as an anti-inflammatory. For pain and swelling.

Earth to Body does not sell castor oil but it is readily available in health food stores for you to make your own castor oil pack, if deemed necessary.  

We do, however, incorporate castor oil into our soaps. It increases the lather, makes it creamy, improves the overall texture and helps keep the skin moisturized. Castor oil on the skin is known to fight acne, soothe burns, and moisturize. If you decide to apply it directly to the skin for other reasons, I would use a pure castor oil and read up on its benefits and how to’s.   

In a soap, it is ready to go!

After applying the castor oil pack, Jas removed the oil from his hands by using his favourite soap, our charcoal clay.  He likes it because it feels good, does the job and is pitch-dark black. After a few more icings and castor oil pack sessions, Jas is back learning to do some Kick Turns on his board. Jas is back learning to do some Kick Turns on his board. His castor oil pack is on hold, in the fridge for now. His charcoal clay black soap is always handy.