Chia. Chia.  A super food for body and skin.  Sustaining, nourishing and gourmet.

This beautiful purple flowered herb (Mint family) is native to Mexico and Guatemala.
It is the Chia seed that people love.

- Rich in fiber and protein and has more omega 3 than flaxseed. 
- A good source of B vitamins and dietary minerals.
- One of nature’s richest antioxidants (this means that chia generously removes the damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism).

Consuming chia can speed up skin repair and prevent skin damage. 
Chia gel on the skin can help reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and calm inflamed skin. This is where we come in.

wikiHOW discuss several different ways to use chia on the skin.  

- Hydrate your hair with a chia seed gel.
- Make chia seed exfoliator for your skin.
- Prepare a hydrating mask for your skin.
- Use chia oil in an eye cream.
- Treat facial redness and scars with chia gel.

At  Earth to Body we suggest our wonderful Manitouka Scrub.  The addition of chia seeds to this 100% natural scrub not only acts as an exfolliant but also as a source of nutrition for your skin. Because the seeds are soaking in argan and apricot oil the resulting chia gel contibutes to the overall nutritious wealth of the scrub.