c is for clean all natural cleaning bath and shower soap

“Did you brush your teeth? Shower… with soap? Tidy your room? Wash your hands… with warm water AND SOAP?!” As a mother of two boys, these questions are on record and repeat.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness", right? So says the phrase coined by an18th Century Sermon. Babylonian and Hebrew religious sects held this ancient view since the beginning of time. Keeping clean was, and still is, a sign of spiritual purity and goodness. It has been referred to as a moral duty to keep ourselves and our home clean.

Facts and fears on germs and disease have morphed our modern day stress into an antibiotic body in an antibacterial sterile environment.

Why isn’t it working? Are we missing balance?

Is it possible we have tipped the scale slightly, or detrimentally over to the one side of cleanliness? Is our self-preservation technique turning on us?

What about life? What about dirt, soil that harbors probiotics? What about necessary bacteria that increases the function of our immune system?

The over use of antibiotics wipes away the good bacteria in our guts. In order to ward off the dangers of filth, we eliminate the necessary microbes and organisms that keep us in balance with nature. Not to mention the chemicals and fragrances that only cause more harm then good!!

Are we cleaning too much?

Our compulsion to ‘purell’ ourselves every time we turn around, shower or bathe too often and scrub obsessively may be overkill. We are conditioned to being clean and of course, it is important. But should we not also question the bathing accessories and the how often?

At Earth to Body we offer you natural soaps, bath spas, scrubs, all eco friendly for the hair and the skin. You may have tried our natural bath products. You may have shampooed your dog with our shampoo bar, followed by our vinegar rinse. Yes, it is good for both of you. You may have successfully removed a stain from a carpet or clothing with our regular shampoo bar. Like in the old days, when a real soap worked magic. Our soaps are rather versatile, but more importantly, safe and nourishing. 

The chemicals in most commercial soaps, shampoos, sanitizers and cleaning products are a reason to be seriously concerned. Let us clean ourselves and our surroundings with gifts from nature. It is true that Cleanliness ensures good health. So cleaning products must be healthy.

For your body choose from our Bath and Shower section online. For your home you might like see what our vendor friends have to offer. Vinegar based with lovely scents. C is for Clean. It is our favorite! 



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