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We can't cure your eczema, we can only help to soothe it externally. And with you working internally, you can meet us half way. You have the capability to heal your eczema by making certain choices.

Avoiding Chemicals like the plague

Your skin is just another organ of your body. Organs, teeth, bones, mood and mind are all a part of the same whole, no? It's sounds simple, but we've been lead to believe that "fixing" the one area of the body that gives us trouble, is the best way. Plus the creams and mediation that are prescribed can cause more damage, which is a double whammy. 70% of what we apply to and wash our body's with is absorbed into our delicate systems so being mindful of the ingredients we ingest is crucial. 

Healing the body as a whole

Your skin's health is a result of the imbalance of your entire body. Gut health, stress levels, lack of sleep, immunity, all contribute to eczema. We think our skin outbreaks are caused by an allergy or high stress... but these are just triggers. Getting to the root of the cause is the only way to 'fix' it.

We need to look at the body as a whole in order to help ourselves heal the separate pathologies or ailments that manifest. Mental and physical. Avoiding chemicals to wash, moisturize and soothe, and replacing them with natural ingredients is a great start and can make the world of difference for many suffers. Yet other's still struggle, not sure what the problem is...

You are what you eat

It's not only chemicals in our skincare, make-up and cleaning products, but there are unwanted matter in our food as well.

Gut flora is the basis for a huge portion of our health. This 'second brain', affects our mood and our skin! For meat eaters, I recommend Paleo or GAPS. Warm soups with bone stock and marrow are an excellent source of nutrients for healing the gut. For vegans and vegetarians, juicing fruits & veggies and consuming superfoods like moringa can help improve your digestion and change the microbiome. I recommend seeing a professional or doing your own research on how to re-populate the bad flora with good to rebalance the delicate environment that lives within. Just remember that bad bacteria strive on grains, dairy and sugar. The good populate when you starve the bad and feed the good! Abundance of clean water is paramount to a clean system. Diet can take you places. So can sleep.

A little R&R can go a long way

Sleep is another huge component to our health. Our bodies restore themselves when our parasympathetic nervous system is activated during rest and relaxation. Two mysteries of life that continue to allude us all! Our body can repair itself to homeostasis only if we allow it... easier said than done. Changing your schedule is not available to most of us. But carving out time to take care of ourselves as a priority can go a long way.

How we can help!

We now offer a package of products compiled by you! Our customers have shared with us what works best. Ease the itch. Reduce the swelling. Moisten the skin. See Eczema Package

There are many components to easing eczema. But you may find when you venture on this path, other aspects of your life will shift for the better, heal as a whole, gain energy, change thinking patterns.


Turning your cosmetic collection from chemical to natural is a long process. Changing your diet, stress levels and lifestyles is a big ball game. Patience is required on this life long journey to pure health, so we do what we can while trying not to stress!



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