I know. Clean the skin. Tone the skin. Moisturize the skin.
And magic happens! I get that part.

But now you are confusing me.
Everything claims to be natural, pure, fresh, from nature. Sounds delicious.
Free of pesticides, not tested on animals, paraben free, no artifical coloring, etc. etc.

Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Have all the recipes suddenly gone from bad to good? The labels now show a green plant leaf succulent with dew drops, lavender flowers flowing across the screen, bees buzzing from berry to berry, or mangoes falling from the trees straight into the shampoo bottle.

Whom shall we believe? How do we choose? Whom do we trust?
And must I say goodbye to all the creams and lipsticks and shampoos I have always loved? What if I just don’t bother to read the label? What I don’t know won’t hurt me, right?

OK. Not so. I need to pull my head out of the sand.

I need to think CLEAN. I need to understand the label. I need to think nature in naked pure form.

But I am aware of clever advertising. After all, that is part of your job.
I peruse your website and see: ‘Natural Ingredients,  ‘Active Ingredients,  ‘Main Ingredients,  ‘Active Naturals'

In these listings, I read delicious gifts from nature: honey, rose, peach, lime, almonds...
Sounds good. But there MUST be more.

If I search really hard I sometimes find the full listing. The ‘Inactive Ingredients’. The ones I need to look up. The ones with 3 to 6 to more syllables. The ones that don’t sound English.
Yet sometimes, no matter how hard I search, I CANNOT FIND THIS LIST. Nowhere on the website. I know it will be on the label, or the box because that is the law. I want to see them, up front on your website.

Some of you tell it like it is.
But some of you keep us guessing.  

I don’t like this kind of puzzle My head is out of the sand, remember?
Please list all of the ingredients TOGETHER. Be upfront.
Thank you, Cosmetic World, to those of you who are really trying.


Earth Tale Blogger


I totally agree with you! I find it frustrating how companies are exploiting "natural" as a way to deceive the public into thinking that there are no chemicals. But the reality is, the amount of "aloe" that is flaunted on the packaging so cleverly is minuscule. I only use products where the ingredients are listed, and a good rule of thumb is 'if you can't pronounce it, you probably shouldn't use it'.

Thank you Earth to Body, for all of your wonderfully natural and delicious skin nutrition!