s there actually a choice? Your doctor may prescribe Prozac for depression, or Ritalin for ADHD. Your naturopath may present a different menu. “ Eat lots of salmon.” Otherwords, up your fatty acid intake and you may not need the drugs.

Can we actually feel ‘saner’ by enjoying a few walnuts or eating a fish steak?

As resourceful as your body may be, it CANNOT manufacture Omega 3, 6 and 9 on its own. We NEED flaxseed, olive, raw nuts, natural veggies, seafood and fish. (What happens when our fish supply runs out is another problem and another bog)

I have a very close friend whose daughter, Lisa, suffered on and off from mild depression all her life. It was during her second pregnancy that Jekyll became Hyde. Fortunately, her naturopath questioned her about her fatty acid consumption and learned that Lisa had run out and was NOT taking any. Within hours of consuming the fatty acids she felt them working, and she felt more control.

Eat walnuts, spinach, and oily sardines. Sprinkle flaxseed on your cereal in the morning. Take Dr. Duo, or supplements of EHA, DHA in your smoothie. If you remember Buddy Holly you will remember that spoonful of cod liver oil that your mother gave you every morning. Thank you, Mama!

Thank you, Michelle Obama for being concerned about what we are eating. Thank you for relating the processed and fast food consumption as a major cause of our health issues. Rather than STAY AWAY FROM FAT, we should be taught about eating the right fats. We should be encouraged to eat the amazing coconut oil, not be brainwashed by a faulted 1950’s study on coconut that steered us in the wrong direction. Coconut oil rocks!

The most important thing is to CONSUME enough fatty acids daily to help ward off the blues, stay calm, feel more balanced, lower blood pressure, reduce arthritic pain, aid diabetes, improve skin conditions and much more.

Please do not read that I am taking  depression or related illnesses  lightly.   I am not.  Medication helps many people and it is always wise to consult a your health care professional, especially for any changes in routine.

Remember that your skin eats too. Spoil it with omegas and glow.