DMDM.  Reads like some text abbreviation? It is not. But it should be. DANGEROUS MERCHANDICE DANGEROUS MERCHANDISE.  DMDM  is an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative. For sure, you have come across it.  

You might see it on one of your skin care labels as DMDM Hydantoin. The trade name is Glydant. Confusion reigns as it can also read Dimethyloldimethyl hydantoin or 1,3 dimethylol-5,5-dimethyl hydantoin. Reading labels is never easy.

If you see DMDM in the ingredient listing, read it twice: DANGEROUS MERCHANDISE. Choose something else. 

It is a preservative that releases formaldehyde over time, little by helping, helping to keep your product longer.  

You are cleaning out your bathroom cupboard and come across a conditioner that you had forgotten about. You open it, peer inside  and smile…looks and smells fresh as a daisy. Then you read the label and see DMDM.  Means DANGER luring inside.

DMDM is found in over 50 skin care products and over 20% of skin care out there. While cancer and developmental./reproductive toxicity is perhaps low, allergies and immunotoxicity are high.

DMDM  can cause hives, swelling, flaking and skin peeling, especially if you are sensitive to formaldehyde.  What else it causes in the long  term is not as easy to identify.

Stay tuned for DMDM Dangerous Merchandise Part 2.  In the meantime, examine your labels carefully.

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