Last week we introduced an article on the dangers of DMDM (formaldehyde releaser preservative.) We continue.

If you are a carpenter, an embalmer, a medical technician, a textile or metal industry, or work in a salon where formaldehyde products are numerous, you are being exposed to more formaldehyde than the average person and could therefore have developed a sensitivity.  

Your job is your job, but at least when you come home you do NOT have to use Dove Fortifying Shampoo, Argan Oil Moroccan Shampoo or Happy Hair SOS shampoo.  You do not have to condition with Holy Grail or ION replenishing condition.  And be cautious if you decide to moisturize with Olay Lightweight 48 Hour Hydration Body Milk or Spa Natural Coconut Milk. The names are enticing and sound skin delicious. YET all contain DMDM hydantoin. And there are 100’s more like them out there.

Why? Because it works. It allows the product to be safely shipped around the world to its destination. To travel to the store shelf. To sit on the shelf until you buy it. To be a part of your skin care routine for as long as it takes you to use it.  Or longer. There are safer preservatives on the market. No manufacturer is forced to use DMDM.

It may be a smart move on your part to just not buy products containing DMDM to begin with. If everyone banned products with DMDM it would eventually cease to be on the market.  We can demand it.

You may hesitate. You say “I can’t live without  my ‘Stridex Acne’ treatment pads, my  Yam Body Mist, my Dermatica Night Cream, my Face Facts Vitamin C cream, my mousse from Herbal essence.”  What to use instead?

Think  of it as a  Skin Cleanse for Life. Make the changes. Go more natural. Many of your skin woes will go away once you discard the chemically laden skin care products.  As your skin clears and cleans itself of the toxins, you need only the basics: good natural soap/shampoo, an alcohol-free toner, healthy moisturizer.  Many products are multipurpose. Not only do you clear up your bathroom shelves and save money, you also will have healthier, cleaner skin. You deserve safe sun protection, products that protect, nourish and soothe skin issues. Natural oils, butters from nature. There are a few good companies out there. We are one of them.