I recently caught Dr. Mercola (on Dr. OZ)  talking about the miracle food, astaxanthin ( asta-ZAN-thin),  Luckily, I was able to salvage the last bottle from our local health food store. There was a ‘run on astaxanthin’, the young store clerk explained.

Actually, she did not use that exact expression, as she was struggling with English (I live in Quebec and although everyone here is NOT totally bilingual, we have fun trying.) She was adorable and struggled with great enthusiasm to communicate with me. Between my ‘franglais’ and her sincere attempts, we had a great time. I learned that this was her first month on the job, coming  to the city of Montreal from rural Quebec.  Learning English is easier  closer to the urban centres.

I taught her how to say the word ‘swallow, because I was miming quite wildly that I did not like to take pills. She understood and consoled me by explaining that the astaxanthin came in gel tablets and was much easier to ‘swallow; than a regular capsule. "Alas", she sighed, “no ‘poudre’ (powder) form was available.

I could tell that she was quite interested in the ‘buzz on astaxanthin. I wish I had had a flamingo in tow, or a fresh caught wild * salmon to help her visualize how ‘pink is in’. I would have gone on to say that any illness with ‘itis’ was also incredibly helped by this miracle food. That would include plantar fasciitis, pancreatitis, and tendonitis, and diabetes (well, almost an 'itis'), etc.  My arms would have been flailing in all directions, aiming at specific body parts, accompanied by the ohhs and ugs the illness demanded.  

Miming stiff muscles and body pain easier to emulate,  cataracts an interesting feat, Alzheimer’s challenging and sad.

But all of these are helped by the ‘pink’ astaxanthin. it is also an natural anti-inflammatory. If you want to see a ‘real live’ pharmacist discuss astaxanthin click here. (there is some interesting info!)

Go salmon fishing in beautiful British Columbia. Imagine a pink flamingo on your lawn in honor of the astaxanthin in all algae and shrimp and krill out there.
And rush to your corner health food store. Hope you have as much fun as I did.

I will keep you posted on the pretty pink results and PLEASE, let us know what you KNOW about astaxanthin?  

* Wild is best. Farmed salmon is fed synthetic astaxanthin. Would that be a 'faux pas' pink?




Is this the source of xanthan gum?