Suds 1

Ms. Eva Bluebird finishes creating and then consuming a delicious fried chicken stir-fry dinner in her hotel kitchen suite. There are not enough dishes for even the small dishwasher and it is too late to call housekeeping to ask for the errant dish soap.  What does Ms. Eva do?  

Eva plugs the sink and runs warm water. She grabs her easy to travel with ‘Earth to Body Basic Shampoo Bar’, swooshes it around to make a soapy sudsy melange, dunks the dishes, scrubs and rinses. Voila. The maid will be proud!


Suds 2

Tuxedo, an excitable border collie/lab mix is running around interrogating the back yard, sniffing for miscreants. He unfortunately encounters Pepé Le Pew and gets skunked.  His owner, Mr. Pierre Bernard, distraught to say the least, grabs his N95 mask saved from the Covid days and rolls out the garden hose. Since Bloody Mary’s and Caesars are not the norm at Pierre’s abode, the old’ tomato juice for skunk wash’ is out of the question. The grocery stores are closed. What does Pierre do?

Pierre hoses down Tuxedo with Earth to Body’s ESP Bar and Apple Cider vinegar rinse. He does it twice, gently admonishing Tuxedo for befriending Pepé Le Pew.  Pepe, BTW is clandestinely spying from the neighbouring hedges, insulted at his vengeance gone awry. Pierre proudly tosses his mask, rerolls the hose and Tuxedo retreats inside, tail taunting Pepe.


Suds 3

Melanie Le Clerc, a new graduate from John Abbot college is about to leave for her first job interview with a Graphic Design company. She accidently spills her breakfast orange juice on her favourite and one and only ‘perfect for a job interview’ shirt. What does Melanie do?

Melanie frantically grabs the soap bar near the sink (it happens to be Earth to Body’s ’s Original shampoo soap) dampens a cloth, soaps it up and attacks the orange stain.  Magic happens. Eureka. Gone. A quick wipe with clear water and by the time Melany departs the metro at her destination, she is all sparkles and brave smiles. 


Earth to Body’s natural soap bars are so very versatile.