It’s Springtime (no false alarms this time) and Easter is just around the corner! 

The sun is shining and the dirt is showing!

 Relatives are showing up in force for Easter dinner and there may be more than bunny droppings lingering in the corners! 

We’ve found a dandy little website to help get your home sweet home sparkling clean without leaving you all grumpy and tired ( check out  green cleaning )

But we know you have lots of tricks up your sleeve so please share them.  How to prevent that nasty streaking on your windows (newspaper?)?  Do you have an oven cleaner that doesn’t leave you gasping and wheezing?  How do you wash your wood floors without removing all the luster? Let us know and if they are environmentally friendly, all the better. 

Hope all the surprises you find on Sunday morning are happy ones and have a wonderful Easter Weekend  (don’t forget to get a chocolate bunny for Uncle Fester!)