Wash with a natural shampoo/soap
Spritz with organic rosewater
Oil, butter, or lotion to moisturize

Mission accomplished!

“What about my makeup?’” you might ask. “My aftershave?” “ My special serums?” “My medicated cream for my acne ???”  “My anti-wrinkle mask?” “My   120 SPF?”

Hmmm….maybe not so easy peasy after all.

We all have our routine. Different desires. Different needs. If you are happy with your routine, so be it.  But, if you are not happy, if you are concerned about what you are putting on your skin, how many different cosmetics and medications you have, perhaps it is time to consider a change.  

Simplicity works. Do you really need all of those products cluttering your bathroom or dresser? Can only a few products suffice for several end goals?

Every time you see a new ad for that miracle cream and are tempted to succumb, peruse the ingredients.  If you cannot understand most of them, it is a good indication it may not be the best for your skin.  There are dangers lurking in the cosmetic world.

It is a world of medication, chemical additives and impurities.  Instead, in skin care, like in your diet, good healthy ingredients are key.

Consider pure, real, soap bars.They clean.They disinfect.They can be used head to toe. One soap does all. Eco friendly too.

A toner, made alcohol free comes next and rose water is an excellent choice. This replaces the synthetic perfumes and fragrances and whatever else you need to keep you smelling fresh and your skin clear.  

To moisturize, consider something like pure emu oil. It is renowned for so many things, the inside and the outside. This one miraculous, multipurpose product can solve many, many skin issues, that you no longer need to buy 4 or 5 other products. Argan oil or butters are alternative choices.

Take the plunge.  Make your skin care easy peasy, lemon squeezy. A task that is simple.