boys skating

"I am a visiitng blogger.  Thank you, Earth to Body!.  I just had to tell my story."  T. S., Victoria, BC

My boys are eight and ten. About the age of the boys in the stock photo, but mine would be wearing helmets....

They are rough and tumble. They are energetic and spirited. 
And sometimes borderline CRAZY.

Especially my youngest, who inevitably tries to keep up with his older brother, all of his older brother's friends, and the older neighborhood boys. 

To a mother's dismay, they sometimes get hurt! They sometimes come home with road rash and scrapes and cuts. Other times they arrive bruised and bumped-up and battered. When I hear their cries from a distance, I run to their rescue, make sure it is a minor-at-home-repair, and grab the emu oil from the fridge.

It's anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-fungal. It's cold (from being the fridge but it doesn't have to be) and soothing. 

It's all I need. Emu oil and a bandaid and I send them back out to the trenches.

What's in your medicine cabinet? What is your "go-to" for your children's ailments?