AKA: NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure

This means those of us who support banning aspartame. Difficult to find.
However, to be fair to the debating club out there, there are always two sides to the story
So I will try again.


I would ask you to check out the link Aspartame Information Centre, but you will find the page has been removed.  There were EXPERT science and professional organizations associated with this website.  (The site was there when I initially wrote this blog.  It is now 2014. I recheck former blogs on occassion to make sure the links still work.) See MYTHS section. Scientific studies have been carried out to discount the 'myths'.   The question remains: Are all scientific studies reliable?

You could reach for your diet soda without feeling guilty after perusing THE GOOD.


There are not any large organizations supporting this view . However, individuals who speak out do include naturopaths and medical doctors.
 Dr. Mercola does not approve of aspartame. 

"Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods."

Dr. Oz takes a safe position.  He debunks the weigh loss claim.

"While these substitutes—like aspartame, saccharin and Splenda—have not been proven to be dangerous, Dr. Oz says they also haven't been proven to promote weight loss."

Dr. Thomas Lee, a naturopathic physician calls aspartame 'A Bitter Sweetener'

The guilt's back. Lose the Diet Drink.

Our world’s ‘protective agencies’ all seem to support the use of aspartame.  But remember that at one time Aspartame WAS banned. How, all of a sudden, did it become safe?

The Global Healing centre writes

“Why Was Aspartame Approved by the FDA?
You may be wondering why aspartame is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, even though it is suspected to cause brain damage over long periods of time.
Well, aspartame gained FDA approval while it was owned by Donald Rumsfeld, who was at that time the CEO of the pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle & Company. Rumsfeld earned millions of dollars by marketing the product as NutraSweet, and when medical research into the product confirmed the risk of brain tumors, Rumsfeld simply hired another FDA board member to overturn the ban that the current board had inflicted.
Did you know? Despite its apparent danger to animals and humans, aspartame has been approved by the FDA a total of 26 times over the last 23 years.”

There is a lot of information to digest. So if you choose to do so while sipping your diet soda, your regular soda or better still, good old water, you will probably come away with a pretty good idea of where you stand on this issue of aspartame.

My agenda is right out there.  Please see blog 'Futuristic Fasta Food Scenario' and share YOUR view with us.