Most of us eat at least 3 times a day (more, if you're me, and many many many more if you are my 2 and a half year-old toddlers),  so I would say with great certainty that food is probably the one thing that affects us the most. It is our fuel, what keeps us going, or maybe keeps us down, depending on the diet. It is also my belief, and the belief of many other people today, that organically grown food, or more specifically organic locally grown foods (and most organic practices) demand less of this earth, and are better for us.

It was about four years ago that we decided to start getting CSA baskets from a local farm, this one. It felt like such an important (and delicious) decision, and it truly was. What we were essentially doing was buying a membership in an organic farm, so we were invested, financially and, yes, emotionally in the outcome of that farm. If the weather was bad due to a hail storm or early frost and all tomatoes were lost, we had to accept that as part of the deal and move on. We were making the decision that the quality and locality of our food held inestimable value. We were also ensuring that those individuals committed to ensuring the availability of great organic food were also being supported. You can find out here (if you live in Quebec), and here (if you live in Ontario) how to get involved in getting CSA veggie baskets.

The wonderful veggies and fruits (if you want to get into semantics about cucs and zucchinis) that our family gets every week are literally grown 35 km from our home. They are picked a day or hours prior to us picking them up and so they are always perfectly ripe, at the 'top of their nutritional game' and taste exactly how they should, and often better. Never liked turnips? Try lightly boiled spring turnips, sauteed in some garlic, olive oil and fresh basil. They will change your life :) These vegetables are not irradiated, were not picked a week ago, were never sprayed with any chemical, and by gosh, we even get to have a conversation with the actual people who grow them!! 

As a family, we've visited the farm half a dozen times and even our kids know the names of our farmers. Those of you already members of a farm or who always buy from the same stall in a market will know what I'm talking about when I say that having that connection is priceless. I'm also so thankful for what my kids are learning about how food is grown and gets to our table, about nourishment and about what food should taste like. There really is little more important than that.


I'm feeling so inspired by food right now that I will be writing more than one blog post about it. I would love to hear YOUR food stories too! Have you recently started getting CSA baskets? Do you shop at a local market? Do you have a favorite family farm? Do you run a farm? What foods feed your soul?

Looking forward to hearning from you!





Hi Gen,
What a nice surprise. What could be better than fresh, local produce. For now I try to get to farmers' markets. I do enjoy the baked goods and coffee, too. Local musicians even capoeira demos are an added treat. On the deck we have containers of cherry tomatoes and cukes and even a watermelon plant. Herbs and edible flowers have always enjoyed living nearby the kitchen. In Ste.Anne de Bellevue and Pointe Claire there are coops selling seedlings, garlic scapes and local artisanal wine and beer! And so much more. I feel so good passing on my cleaned out jars and any bags that can be reused. Just before my husband left for a business trip I picked up an ESP for him. Coops support local farmers, artists and musicians. One of my fondest memories was picking berries and veggies with my friends and our children. Aren't we lucky?

We are lucky aren't we?? The farmer's markets and coops are great places to commune and to buy local products. I can't wait to head to the market tomorrow morning and get some honey...mmmmm. Great to hear from you B+!