Parties, parades, packed pubs and much madness abound on St. Patty’s day.  It is a day for the Irish to celebrate, to honour St Patrick, to wear green, be seen and be silly.  It is a day to honour the famed four-leaf clover.

Have you ever sought that elusive four- leaf clover to bring you good luck? 

As a little girl my friends and I used to hunt for four- leaf clovers on our front lawn.  “It will bring you good luck,"  my dad would say. He may have added, as an historical note, that St Patrick used the four-leaf shamrock to represent the Trinity, but I was interested in the good luck part.

Even if you are not Irish, even if you do not imbibe in Guinness or other temptations, even if you do not really relate to St Patrick and his Christian belief, you can still enjoy the frivolity, the ambiance, the social happiness shared by these fun loving people on the day of celebration, March 17th.

And we all can share their love for GREEN.… the colour of regeneration, balance, order and harmony.  The colour of tranquility, health and good luck.  Green can represent jealousy (green with envy) and growth (a green thumb). Green means chemical free, from nature, natural.

Go Green.

Let us go back to nature…. running barefoot across fresh rain soaked lawns, secretly searching for that four-leaf good luck clover while relishing the expanse of green tranquility.

The luck of the Irish is in the green.