Dear Mom,

It's difficult to find the words, as you mean so much to me. I will try and express the love and appreciation I have for you on this Mother's Day.

A mother's love is like no other, but your love goes far and beyond this world. This lifetime. The way you have protected, nurtured and supported me throughout my journey has allowed me to grow into the person I am today. Without you, I would not stand strong in my morals, hold the unquestionable ability to question, bathe others with compassion and patience and fight the good fight required to conquer a life that is never easy to master. I stand here today with unbound love and confidence and one person to thank.

I have learned everything from you.

You are my best friend. My counsellor. My protector. My confidant. The moment I have good news, it's you with whom I want to share. When I struggle and need an ear to wail and cry... it's yours. You listen like no other. You always say the right thing, give the best advice when I have a dilemma, and help me to find the answers by guiding me in the right direction. And on the occasions where it is not an optimal direction, you embrace it, you embrace me... until I find my way.

You forgive in an instant, a grudge is void in your world. 

Your generosity flows as far and wide as the sea, never ceasing. For it is not only me that benefits by your capacity to give. Your life is based on helping others, it always has been. A modern day Mother Theresa, you welcome those less fortunate into your home. You base your careers on bequeathing love, knowledge and wisdom. You teach, you guide, you share and give. I have yet to meet another as giving as you.

Your determination and strength are my foundation and if I am anything like you, sweet woman... I am forever proud.

I love you to the moon and back.
Forever yours, 


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