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The photo shown is not of the boy in the story.

Recently a customer wrote to tell me that our  tooth cleanser had passed muster with her two boys.  I was thrilled and we both decided that they probably liked it because it WAS green and messy.

I asked her to thank the boys for liking our tooth cleanser, as I knew it was a new experience for them.

Here is her reply,

“I just had to tell you this. When I got my little 7-year-old guy to try your tooth paste I had prepared the brush etc. and he tried it, but I wasn't sure what would come of it. When he came home from school today, I told him that you had said thank you for trying the tooth paste. Well! He thought that was just so neat that the actual lady that made the tooth paste said that.

I was just walking by the bathroom and there he was - he went in on his own and took the little spatula and scooped out some tooth paste onto his brush and brushed his teeth. When he was done he looked very happy and said to tell the lady that he did the whole thing himself this time.

It just made my evening.”  Heidi M, Ottawa ON

It made our day too.  Thank you.

(Boy shown in photo is a stock photo)