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Have you ever related swollen or itchy eyes to something you applied to the skin?  Perhaps eye make-up? A cream? A soap or shampoo?  Lipstick or lip balm?  A shaving gel?

It was several years ago that I met a friend, June, I had not seen in quite awhile.  Her eyes were swollen.  I knew she was embarrassed as she immediately made reference,  “My eyes are also itchy. It has been 2 days now and I do not know why?"   I then asked if she had changed her lipstick brand by any chance?    “Lipstick affecting my eyes?  How bizarre.” She exclaimed. 

Sure enough, when June stopped using that particular brand of lipstick, her eyes returned to normal.

Some lipsticks, when full of chemicals, are not your lips best friends.  But can they inadvertently affect the eye area?  I have met several people who believe that their lipstick or balm caused their eyes to become itchy and puffy eyes.    How does this happen?

People with an allergic reaction to certain chemicals in food, medication, and cosmetics can experience lip and eye swelling. This ‘angioedema’ is swelling under the skin, often appearing around the eyes and lips. 

Some of the most common causes of Skin Allergies:

*Chemicals in hair dye and other hair products
*Preservatives/ antibacterial used extend shelf life
*Ingredients added to lubricate, thicken, colour a product
*Added chemical sunscreen found in moisturizers, balms, makeup foundations
*Fragrances that are found in most body care creams, deodorants, colognes, cleansers, and even facial tissues

Recently I had a male customer who was experiencing itchiness around the eyes.   I observed that he definitely was not into lipstick, so I asked him if he used any lip balm? He pocket pulled one out, claiming he never travelled without his balms.  He did not have a particular favourite, but did mention several familiar commercial brands

I suggested he research carefully the ingredients in his soaps, creams etc and his lip balm, as it could possibly be something he was allergic too.  He did buy one of our natural lips balms and was quite excited to see if that might eliminate his issue.  Our fingers are crossed that his problem is solved.

We should all question our daily ‘cosmetic’ routine.  "WHAT, exactly,  am I feeding my skin?”




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