soy candle and body wax all natural

So warm.  Yet cool.
Calming and sensual.
The candle wax and you.
A romantic tryst between skin and softness.

Soy nourishes the skin, making it supple and soft and feeling oh so good.

Light a candle.  Relax and watch as the melted pool of deliciously nutritious wax forms. Carefully dip into the pool of melted oil and massage onto the skin.  (You can blow out the candle or carefully dip beneath it. Soy wax is NOT hot. It will not burn you so no worries as you dip.) 

Choose from a variety of intoxicating natural scents, or no scent at all.  Our 'scents' are natural essential oils, never synthetics.

Soy Candle and Body Wax and votive size


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