Covid Staycay. We are adapting and doing our best to deal with these challenging times. For Earth to Body, it means mega show cancellations across Canada. Craft shows, trade shows, exhibitions. We are not flying, nor driving to the events. No car rentals, taxi fares. Hotels, Airbnb’s. No work for the trucking companies who shipped our goods. No work for the hotel or the venue who hosted our craft show.  The snack bars, the cleaning crews. How are they all faring?  The dominos that fall are mind boggling.  

But some are picking themselves up. Discovering new approaches to a problem, new outlets. Being creative. Making changes. People are finding ways to survive.  And we are helping each other.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support, on the phone, in orders and emails. While our shop is open 3 days a week, we also have online.  If you are local and in dire need, just call us at headquarters and we can do a curbside from our home base here on the west island. 

Recently I exchanged emails with a customer, Eric, from Brantford, who had some queries re his skin issues. Afterwards, he kindly wrote:  

“Thanks for reaching out. It's a personal touch that only small businesses like yours seem to be able to offer. And it really goes hand-in-hand with the incredible product that you provide. I will most certainly be leaving reviews for all products that I have tried. As well as the x cream & neem salve of which I've had some long-standing skin challenges, that if resolved by those two products would be of tremendous value to me. I originally found your business 3 years ago because I was looking for true blue emu oil and I was blown away by the Empire of elite skin products that you offer. Your soap is expensive but so is pure emu oil and there is absolutely nothing like your product on the market, other than some highfalutin high society bar of soap, possibly handcrafted from seals, 50 bucks a pop lol.

This is why I sincerely hope that your business is surviving well during these difficult times because what you offer doesn't exist anywhere else to the best of my knowledge. And you're a Canadian company to boot. Look forward to Gold Standard reviews in the near future and quite possibly some referrals. People have a right to know that there's a better way when it comes to their skin. Skin Health mainly comes from within, but I feel for all of the external your products are the Rolls Royce. So....expensive they may be, but available they are. You have to apply just to buy a Rolls Royce, then they decide if they're going to build it for you. 

Keep on keeping on, Earth to Body, for skin needs there is no other, and thanks for existing.”Eric, Brantford, ON

Thank you, Eric and to all of you who raise our spirits.

Let’s ‘Keep on keeping on’