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Setting: Earth to Body Shop. Pointe Claire
Currently in production: Moisturizing Lotion

Welcome to our shop. Come on in. Watch Steph in action.
 “It takes time.  So many different ingredients!” Steph admits, with a grin.  

Steph still makes our lotion in a small blender. It was one of our first pilot projects, formulated over 15 years ago. To decide on the recipe, I made 2 columns on paper, the old-fashioned way. One headed ‘body skin woes’, the neighbouring column: ‘ingredients to counter the woes’.  Or something like that.

The Skin Woes: itchy, red, dry, bumpy, creased, calloused, sore, bruised, torn, wrinkled, scaly, blotchy and the list grew and grew.  Quite the challenge. 

Ingredients to Counter the Woes: This list formulated all of the ingredients you see below. natural organic pure fair-trade oils, herbs, EO’s, emu, neem etc. Read the ingredient* list below and you can see what evolved. 


The Water Mix: distilled water which we purchase from Monsieur Eau here in Quebec:  orange flower water, white grapefruit, evening primrose, vitamin E, sweet orange, lavender, and the essential oils.  The later are in drops and do well added to this pot.

The Oil Mix: Sweet Almond oil, lanette wax, calendula, comfrey, aloe vera, shea butter and our renowned organic lemonseed extract,  unrefined emu, neem, jojoba, glycerin, apricot, 

As in any cooking job, the chef needs to line up all of the ingredients on the counter.  This recipe is in two parts, the waters and the oils.  Two pots. Two parts. It is the mixing of the two where the expertise comes in. The key is in the slow blending process that Steph has down to a fine art. Magic. Emu and neem are a given. You rarely fine this lovely duo. Two spectacular carrier oils, masterful on their own, but in a combo…synchronicity! 

Calendula and comfrey have a history of being fine skin nutrients and have many incredible properties. Did you know that evening primrose alone can give the skin a healthy glow, helping to reduce inflammation and discolouration’s? You may recognize some of the other ingredients and this is the fun part.  You know what you are getting. This delicious lotion almost truly does contain the kitchen sink!

‘That’s all folks’. Just pure goodness that helps transform your dry skin from a sad to a happy state. An all over, including the face moisturizer. If you do want a one stop shop, especially for travel, the lotion is a great solution. If you can take only one moisturizer camping or on a hiking trek, just one, toss this lotion into your backpack! 





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