Is your skin crying dry?  Curling up? Sprouting itchy patches?
It’s winter time and the skin is in full battle mode.

What to do? Grab the lotion. It’s time to fight back, but it is not always an easy win. 

The snowbirds who did not venture south this winter must be feeling the difference on the skin. People can’t seem to moisturize enough in winter weather. Our regular customers know what to do and what not to do and are managing the challenges in a good and healthy way.  Staying away from the formaldehyde so often found in commercial soaps, creams and lotions is number one. You will see a difference right away if you stick to pure butters and oils.  Or handmade lotion with no bad stuff. Clean and nourishing. But without the sun’s benefits our skin suffers.  Just another challenge we need to meet.

We might ask the Inuit. How did these hardy Canadians protect their skin against the dry and the freezing cold? The Polar temperatures. Winds. Snow squalls. Harshness. Blinding sun. The Inuit deserve a look- see. They are experienced adapters. While the Inuit may have in their DNA a better combatant that we do, they most certainly rose to the challenge. The Inuit have smooth, silky skin. 

What did they do? Whales and lichen come to mind. Oils. Plants. Plankton. Nutritious minerals, vitamins, fatty acids. They consumed and wore what nature offered.

Modern day skin care companies have incorporated many of the secrets of the Inuit in their skin care. Ads highlight the seaweed and algae. There is an oil taken from whales called spermaceti which helped  protect the skin of the Inuit.  Not so much a practice today though. 

We might also ask our northern Indian tribes who relied on bear grease for moisturizing, shining their hair and oiling their drum skins. 

While bear grease might not be readily available, nor on everyone’s shopping list, it does work! Moisturizing with natural ingredients from nature makes sense.

“Winter skin’ as it is often called is caused by many factors: the weather of course, indoor heating, too hot and too long a shower, too frequent hand washing and use of alcohol based sanitizers, (sigh!) not drinking enough water, poor diet, bad soaps and lastly not moisturizing enough and /or not using the right moisturizers. We can offer help here.

Go ahead and grab the lotion. We use ingredients like emu, neem, shea, aloe. EO’s like evening primrose, sweet orange and lavender lend nutrients and a gentle scent.  This lotion covers well and does not require multiple applications as there are no drying elements, as are often found in commercial moisturizers. 

We call it simply 'Moisturizing Lotion’. Handmade here in Canada. From scratch. Clean. It does live up to its name. You can win this winter battle.