Setting:  Regina spring Craft Show. ‘Earth to Body’ Booth #228 A mother, holding her baby toddler, is chatting with me about her baby’s extreme eczema. She relays a scene at her doctor’s office. 

The Doctor:
“Sabrina, if you do NOT put this recommended steroid cream on your baby, you are obviously NOT concerned about helping her with her eczema.  YOU may NOT like this cream, but it is the only thing that is going to help her.”

“But I worry about it thinning her skin.  I know steroids creams do that.  I had bad eczema as a child and I know she is suffering. Is there no alternative that you can suggest?”

The Doctor:  (pointing to his framed degree on the wall)  "Look at that certificate, Sabrina.  I am a doctor.  I graduated from Harvard.  I think I know what I am doing.”

Sabrina, feeling guilty, unworthy and a bad mother, left the doctor’s office. A Mom not heard. While most caregivers do listen, some, like her doctor, prefer to pontificate. 

Sabrina, to date, has chosen not to fill the prescription. Not yet, anyway.  She is going to try apple cider vinegar baths, sea salt baths, avoid all commercial creams and lotions and sunscreens.  She preferred a cream to oil, so she chose our X Cream, which the baby seemed to like, and the Castile moringa soap.  

The X Cream is simple but effective and the ingredients are nutritious.  Specially chosen to help with soothing itchiness and dryness, the FULL ingredient list is: Distilled water, Apricot Oil, Hemp oil, Calendula, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Black spruce, Patchouli, Vitamin E, Lemonseed Extract, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 

A cream, meaning a blend of water and oils, cannot be 100% natural as a wax element is necessary. We use cocoa palm. If you compare our ingredient list to a commercial cream you will be astounded at the difference. If not used daily, or finished in 3-4 months, it must be kept in the fridge.

Take black spruce, for example, research its properties you will find it incredibly healing.  It is from eastern Canada, here in Ontario and Quebec.  The oil has cortisone like effect, without the side effects. I wish we could claim this on the label, but we are not permitted to do so.  All of the ingredients in our X cream were carefully selected. People love it on hands, feet, eyelids, ears, elbows inner and outer, dry parches anywhere and everywhere. It feels good.  It satisfies.

Sabrina also selected the gentle Castile Moringa soap, containing only organic olive, coconut and the miraculous moringa power. We call it: ‘A soap with nothing, that does everything’.  She has plans to visit a naturopath to discuss diet. Allergy testing is on her to-do list.

One’s DNA often rebels against the new age world of additives, preservatives, GMO’s, hormone injections, etc. It is so hard to identify a specific cause of a skin disorder. The tendency may be hereditary, but one still has to deal with it. 

We have had amazing feedback on our soaps for babies.  The X cream is one of our best sellers to soothe eczema. Along with apple cider vinegar and salt baths, dry and irritated skin is nourished. 

This young mother is on a path she feels is best for her baby.  She is listening, gathering information and making decisions. A Mom finally heard.