Kids learn quickly.
Your child now knows that the sugary pink yogurt advertised on TV is poison for him. He now knows that the bright green sugar-coated cookie he used to eat may be why he was diagnosed with ADHD.

Your child has met Dr. Feingold and his life is different now.

His teacher is telling you that your child is now behaving in class, is not interrupting and is socializing so much better with the other classmates.

No more drugs. No more Ritalin. No more Concerta.

And now your child breathes better. How miraculous is that!

I believe that diet has a great influence on how we feel and on our behaviour. And with the Feingold diet there are no side effects.

The Feingold is a diet of elimination. (eg. certain foods that contain salicylates, like almonds or berries) It also eliminates foods containing preservatives such as FC&C and D&C colors, synthetic flavors, synthetic preservatives, and the artificial sweeteners aspartame, neotame, and alitame. It means a lot more label reading, and ‘cooking from scatch.

One has to follow the diet to see the results and it can be challenging. But if you have never heard of The Feingold Diet, it may be worth investigating if your child is suffering with hyperactivity. It certainly can’t hurt to try.

I remember reading about the little four-year girl who no longer “feels wiggly inside”. She had been hyperactive since four months old and the mother explained that this began when she started eating commercial baby food.

Within a couple of days on the Feingold diet there was this incredible calming. The little girl could sit and listen to a story being told. She could colour a picture or complete a puzzle in one sitting. The angst was gone. No more wiggles inside.

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