Dictionary definition before Covid 19:
1. a large deer with palmate antlers, a sloping back, and a growth of skin hanging from the neck. It is native to northern Eurasia and northern North America. 

Dictionary definition during Covid 19:
1. same as above 
2. the distance of 2 metres required in ‘social distancing’ *advised during the Covid 19 pandemic based on the length of a moose

to separate a distance of 2 metres between people to achieve required ‘physical distancing’*
“The lineup moosed into place to await entry into the grocery store”

the length of separation (2 metres or length of a moose) required in physical distancing“
She stood moose distance from her neighbor”
*The WHO is recasting the term ‘social distancing to ‘physical distancing’.  The coronavirus is actually bringing us closer together emotionally, so the term ‘social’ distancing has the wrong implication. We are stronger as a community.

Language is in constant daily flux. Covid-19 was not part of our vocabulary last year. The word ‘moose’ has taken on a whole new meaning, as a noun, verb and adjective. It is quite picturesque. 

“A moose between people is recommended”
“Don’t forget to moose if you go out”
“Keep your moose space from others at the park”

Canada and moose go hand in hand. The moose is a national symbol of our native wildlife, 500,000 to a million moose roaming the Canadian north.  Majestic, powerful and at times foreboding. Hunters hunt them. Carnivores eat then. Photographers snap their majesty. Drivers beware of ‘Moose Crossings’. Nature lovers respect the moose. While this largest of deer is not afraid of humans, it will attack if provoked. Moose distancing has always had meaning, but with covid, we now moose distance with no moose in sight. The image of a moose conjures SIZE and this helps us to keep apart. Sad as it is.

Other new words are popping up. Caremongering ‘A trend here in Canada to spread the opposite of panic in people, bringing out community and comradery.’
Karunavirus: A heartwarming look at everyday acts of heroism (Karun is a Sanskrit word for compassion) A heartwarming site to peruse. 

Thank you everyone. Stay home. Moose distance. 
We are moving forward. We are creative, inventive and resilient. And thank yourself…no matter what you are doing, you are a hero. And do remember the moose.

While our store itself is still closed (no moose line ups allowed), you can still shop online.  If you live close we can arrange for a pick up off our front porch. If you have any questions re your skin care, do not hesitate to call or email. Be well and safe.