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Olive oil and garlic eardrops succeeded in warding off my children’s ear infections since they were born. Only once per child did we resort to antibiotics out of desperation, and I regret both times.

Antibiotics cause a dysbiosis in the microbiome of our guts. One treatment changes the environment forever. It’s like killing all the spiders in an Ecosystem. Other creatures multiply and cause havoc on the delicate habitat. Most of us then feed the yeast and bacteria that starts overgrowing with wheat, dairy and sugar.

Illness in the body stems from this bacterial overgrowth. Everything requires balance. Most doctors are trained to kill infection by prescribing antibiotics to an already compromised system. They are not all educated on how to heal the imbalance, therefore curing the pathology. It’s like putting a bandaid on an infected wound, without first healing the infection.

While traveling, my youngest boy was struck with a wicked case of swimmer’s ear. I tried making my own olive oil/garlic concoction but to no avail. Without my Chinese Doctor at arms reach, and out of fear of the infection spreading into his brain (highly unlikely), we resorted to the medical system. Of course they gave his virgin system a dose of the hard stuff, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. He broke out in a massive rash all over his belly and chest. Hive like blisters, bubbling my regret, ear infection not improving.

Numerous accounts from Google searches confirmed garlic indeed is the way to go. There are different ways of administering garlic and white vinegar for Swimmer’s Ear. We took a clove, shaped it into an earplug and popped it in there overnight.

He hasn’t complained of his ear since, but the scars on his belly linger as a reminder of my moment of weakness. My moment of fear.

I now trust Garlic as my go to. Guess who is treating a yeast infection with a clove as we speak?!


Thank you, Tara, for sharing this story.  "Garlic has been a cure-all for many aliments. As always, the Internet offers some good information.  “Garlic has large amount of allicin present in it and allicin has antifungal, anti-aging and skin smoothing benefits.” Read about the benefits of garlic including use on hair, skin, nails.  As with anything you need to know yourself and test first.






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