Oily skin does not ask for much. Clay. Emu.Tamanu.

Well, maybe, also our rosewater facial toner and our charcoal soap. In any case, you can rest assured that you will have less oily skin woes if you learn to balance. 

Oily skin simply means your sebaceous glands are zealous in what they do. They just need a little down time. 

While all skins love to be washed regularly and exfoliated, oily skins may need a little more attention. Exfoliate more than once a week. Apply the right nutritious moisturizer. Avoid Vaseline, or other form of petroleum jelly. Avoid silicones and alcohol-based products.

Cleanse topside and then go deep

Daily, use a real soap bar. Oil skin loves a charcoal clay soap.  A bi-weekly or weekly clay facial is also a must to absorb excess oils and reduce acne and other skin irritations. We do not sell wet pre-made clay blends. Our clay and neem powder requires water. You might even add a little green tea as it has oil fighting capabilities. Make enough for a week and keep it in the fridge. 

You may be advised to avoid creamy cleansers and to use foam washes instead, advertised for oily skin, but don’t be caught between a rock and a hard place.  Many foam washes for oily skin contain EDTA, alcohols, formaldehyde, SLS.  Not a healthy skin choice for anyone. 

Emu to moisturize

Don’t believe it when you read that emu oil is not good for oily skin. It is excellent. You may read that it clogs the pores. It does not. It is non- comedogenic.

After 20 years of selling unrefined emu oil, we have heard only accolades. The unrefined emu oil is NOT greasy. Don’t be concerned about the word 'oil' if it conjures images of greasy. Instead call it the ‘’emu glide’. It spreads nicely and is highly penetrating. You will be totally amazed at the result.  If emu oil is not on your vegan agenda, try tamanu.

Consider 'The miracle oil of the South Pacific'

Tamanu is what we call a dry oil.  This means it disappears immediately into the skin and is not a glider.  All skins benefit from it. Oily skin just responds quicker. We make both a cream and sell the pure oil, so you could choose either. 

To blot or not to blot

If you have oily skin and have tried or are using blotting papers, make sure you know the ingredients. They are not just paper. Some blotting papers can actually cause more oils to surface, which is counter-productive. Choose carefully. An alternative option might be an alcohol free rosewater spritz. We offer our facial toner and our lavender linen spray, both amazing to balance out oily skin.  

There are some great DIY for oily skin recipes on google. The key is to take daily care. If you wear makeup, make sure it is not part of your sleep mode. Wash it all off. This rule should be for every skin type, but oily skin needs to be extra vigilant.  

Your oily skin does have benefits.  You tend to have thicker skin (that’s always a good thing) , thus more resilience. You fight weather woes better as you have more natural protection from the vitamin E in your oils. You are more resistant to wrinkles. Imaging having oily skin and  also feeding it emu and tamanu?  Your skin will be in heaven. Oily skin does not need a lot of products.  Oily skin is a balancing act.  You can do it.